#1 - What is the backlink club?

The Backlink Club is a club for you, who struggles to create, find or produce backlinks for your own or your clients websites. As a member of The Backlink Club, you will receive 5-15 new backlink opportunities every month, ready to copy for your own sites.

We have a free and a premium membership. Free members get 5 new backlink opportunities every month, while the premium members receive 15 new backlink opportunities per month.

#2 - why should i join the backlink club?

You should join The Backlink Club if you want better rankings in the organic search engines like Google. We cannot guarantee better rankings for your site, but backlinks are a strong ingredient to archieve better Google rankings, so if you want to create new backlinks for all your projects without spending time crawling the opportunities yourself, The Backlink Club is the right place for you.


We’re searching for easy, ready-to-copy backlink opportunities, which only takes you seconds or a few minutes at maximum for you to create the backlinks for your own sites.

All the backlinks can be copied for each and everyone of your websites, so you can improve all your rankings and not just the rankings for one site per month.

The backlink opportunities could be forum profile links, web directories, guestbooks, blog comments, forum posts, web 2.0 blogs etc.

We strive to find only do-follow links for you.

#4 - do you create the backlinks for me?


We find websites like the ones mentioned above, so you can create the backlinks for your sites without spending your precious time searching for the opportunities yourself.

#5 - when do i receive my backlink opportunities?

Every 1st of the month. So if you joined The Backlink Club the 7th of June, you will receive your first backlink opportunities on the 1st of July.

You wont receive any backlinks when you join The Backlink Club – only on every 1st of the month.

To see when we send out the next batch of backlinks, check out the countdown clock on the frontpage.

#6 - Can i stay a free member forever?

Yes. And no credit card are required. 

The free membership is free forever. We only need your e-mail, so we know where to send the backlink opportunities.

#7 - When does my premium membership renew?

On the same date where you joined The Backlink Club every month. 

So if you signed up for The Backlink Club 5th of May, that payment would be for the next shipment, which will launch the 1st of June. Your subscription will then renew the 5th of June to pay for the next shipment the 1st of July. 

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