“Creating backlinks is time consuming and boring. Maybe that’s why I don’t create as many as I need to archieve better rankings, more traffic and more sales. I can outsource it, but buying backlinks can be expensive, and my pockets aren’t that deep. I need a solution – now!”  Me, September 2017.

I needed a solution that would make it easier for me to create new backlinks for my site. So I created it myself, so others can enjoy it too. 

The solution? 

The Backlink Club.

A place, where people like myself – online marketing folks with small pockets – can receive new, easy-to-copy backlink opportunities every month. That way it only takes minutes instead of hours or days to create new backlinks for your websites, and thereby get better rankings which should lead to more sales.

Our goal is to make it easy and quick to create new backlinks for your website. 

Hi, I'm Sander

I’m 24 years old entrepreneur. I live in Denmark, and I share my life with my beautiful fiancée Louise.

Throughout my years in online marketing, I’ve done search engine optimization, copywriting, affiliate marketing, lead generation and e-commerce to name a few things. 

My motivation to create The Backlink Club came from discovering my own challenge with not creating enough backlinks for my sites to jump high on Google. 

So I started to find backlink opportunities which were easy to copy for each of my sites. Soon I experienced that other people were interested in the backlinks I found, so instead of throwing Word-documents here and there to the people who asked me for new link opportunities, I decided to create a club.

TheBacklink.club was born.

Building backlinks the easy way usually means go buy them or pay to get into a Privat Blog Network. But without a big budget to pay for a service like that, I myself needed something cheaper, but yet still very effective to boost my rankings.

Because of my own situation with not having a big budget for online marketing services like this, I decided to create a free membership so everyone has a chance and a possibility to create new backlinks without spending a dime on the links. 

So if you want new backlinks without using a single dollar, you can still join The Backlink Club and benefit from it.

If you want more than what the free membership can offer you, I’ve created a premium membership as well, where you get 15 backlink opportunities per month instead of the free 5. And to keep the spirit of the affordable backlink solution, I’ve choosed a $9 monthly price tag.

If you have a comment, a question or need help by any way with the service, feel free to contact me personally at anytime via hello(at)thebacklink.club. 


Sander Grønlund

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